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Natural deodorant for men: Discover fresh new scents

Our new collection of natural deodorant scents is hitting the spot 

Looking for a natural deodorant without aluminum which smells amazing, lasts all day and that actually works? Axe’s new Fresh Collection [RC(1] brings 48-hour odor protection and unforgettable fragrance – with 0% aluminum. Formulated with 100% natural origin scent, and infused with essential oils, these deodorant sticks smell out of this world. Don’t believe us? These reviews speak for themselves.

Curious about natural deodorant for men?

You might want to keep it simple when it comes to what goes on your skin. If you feel uncomfortable about having aluminum or parabens in your grooming products, then our New Fresh Collection is for you. 

These deodorants offer 48-hour protection against bad odor, and their unforgettable, natural masculine scents are of 100% natural origin and infused with essential oils, making them a great choice when looking for a natural deodorant without aluminum. Because what you put on your body is your choice

Four irresistible natural masculine scents

If you’re looking for a natural deodorant that works to keep you smelling great all day, then the new Fresh Collection is for you. Derived from essential oils, our 100% natural scents for men are wowing customers and providing delicious 48-hour protection from body odor – without any aluminum or parabens.

Axe Mediterranean Cool is sexy and sophisticated, studded with citrusy bergamot and subtle notes of woody sage. A great all-rounder, layer it on for a party, interview, or just coz.

Axe Hawaiian Vibe is fun but manly, bursting with juicy mango and tropical fruits that screams life of the party. Sunglasses not included.

Axe Caribbean Chill is deliciously relaxed, like sipping on a long cool drink by the pool. Luscious coconut mingles with woody eucalyptus.

Axe Alpine Lift gives you an energized, confident buzz when frosty fresh mint mingles with a touch of floral lavender. Nose grabs on the halfpipe, anyone?

Think big

Think you’ve found a winner? Don’t stop at deodorants. Most of our fragrances are also available as a body wash free from parabens. They come in a nicely packaged, 100% recycled bottle, so you can start the day right with an energizing shower, then top up on that irresistible smell as needed throughout the day. Check out this guide [RC(1] to learn how to get the most out of your natural deodorant.