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A man holding Axe sustainable deodorant

Natural Living

A fresher, more sustainable you

Why it’s important to live sustainably?

When you smell good, good things happen. We’ve always been clear about our reason for being here: it’s to make you smell good and feel great. That’s the Axe effect, and it’s core to what we do. But like hairstyles and fashion, other values can change over time. Today, we’re freer to be who we are than ever before, and we know sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, genders, and pronouns. 

One thing that’s always attractive is giving a damn. With climate change more of a reality every day, it’s important that companies and individuals like you do their part to take care of the environment. We’re all citizens of planet Earth, every last one of us. So, caring about the planet is important, ‘ya dig?

Axe and Sustainability

We believe in making the planet better to live on, not worse. Duh. That’s why we’re always trying to be as sustainable as we possibly can. We’ve got big, pie in the sky ideas as well as specific goals to keep us real.

We’ve still got a lot of work to do, but right now, you can rest easy knowing that our body sprays are infinitely recyclable, meaning the materials they’re made of can be re-used again and again and again. Our stick packs are 50% recyclable, and our body wash and haircare bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.

That’s not all! Axe is working to meet a whole bunch of goals on the environment, tackling issues like climate change, protecting our forests and helping everyday people like you recycle more and use less energy by using more sustainable products.

What you can do to help

Yeah, big changes are needed on a global scale, but what you do matters too. There are 101 ways you can try to be greener today, and that includes eating less meat; cycling, taking public transit or walking instead of driving; buying stuff second hand from time to time; recycling more and wasting less; and donating time to causes you care about. No judgments on which bits you focus on. Everyone’s lifestyle is different, and small, sustainable changes are the way to go. Also, opt for products with green credentials: with packaging made from recycled materials, say, or that you know you can recycle.

Our new Fresh Collection

Our new Fresh Collection is inspired by nature and extra sustainable. With 100% natural origin scent and infused with essential oils from plants and fruits, you can smell as fresh as nature. The deodorants contain no parabens or aluminum and are made with 95% recycled materials, and the body washes are made with gentle plant-based cleansers in a 100% recycled bottle. Take our quiz to find your signature scent or check our most popular fragrances!

How to recycle

Every city and county has different rules on recycling, so you should always check the local guidelines, especially for plastic (they’re usually online). To recycle your deodorant stick, first empty the pack then replace the cap. Haircare and bodywash bottles can go in your normal plastic recycling, and body sprays go with metal and cans.