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Three young men passing a bottle of Axe natural deodorant around

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Get the most out of your natural deodorant

How does natural deodorant work?

In short: antiperspirant and deodorant do two completely different things.

We’ve already covered the difference in deodorant or antiperspirant. To sum it up, there’s sometimes aluminum in deodorant, because aluminum stops sweating, temporarily covering your sweat ducts. Deodorant on its own, on the other hand, neutralizes bad odor, while your sweat ducts stay open. Because it's not sweating that causes bad odor but bacteria, good natural deodorant attacks that bacteria while covering up your natural musk.

Back in the day, “natural deodorant” had a bad rep for not working well – more popular with the Woodstock crowd than Coachella, if you get our drift. Today, natural deodorants are totally different. They’re at the top of their scent-busting game. Our new Fresh Collection has 100% aluminum-free deodorants for men, and provides 48-hour protection against bad odor, so you can feel confident all day, all night, and all day again.

Why use natural deodorant? 

Natural deodorant is great choice for smelling fresh and irresistible with natural origin scents. Suitable for all skin, including sensitive skin, this is perfect if you’re a keep-it-natural kinda guy who’s looking for an aluminum-free and paraben-free deodorant for men.

These sticks only use essential oils from 100% natural origin. They’re great at eliminating odor and letting your body do its thing. Choose from fantastic scents like Mediterranean Cool, Caribbean Chill, Hawaiian Vibe, and Alpine Lift, for instant freshness.

What to expect when switching to natural deodorant?

If this is your first deodorant, then your body should take to our new Fresh Collection with no problems at all. Apply and enjoy!

If you’ve been regularly using antiperspirant, after switching to natural deodorants your underarms might take a little time to adjust to the new ingredients and you might find you sweat a little more for a few days. That doesn’t mean the product isn’t working: it’s a totally natural adjustment. In the long run, you might find you sweat and smell less than you used to.

Some natural deodorants feel different from others – some brands are chalky and crumbly, some come in a tube, and some are even in liquid form. Our new Fresh Collection deodorants come in sticks with a natural gel that glides on smooth, dries quickly and feels comfortable all day.

How to use natural deodorant?

Remember, body odor is caused by the sweat-munching bacteria that’s living on your skin. So wash it off!

Give your underarms a good scrub when you’re bathing and don’t skip showers. You can keep it all-natural with our Fresh natural body wash: paraben free and formulated with natural cleansers, they’re scented with the same natural origin essential oils as your deodorant.

Deodorant always works best on clean, dry skin, so don’t apply immediately after getting out of shower, especially if you shave – wait a few minutes. Then, activate the essential oils with your body heat: warm the product on your skin for a few seconds before gliding it on, so it can really work its magic. For maximum effectiveness, let the product dry before putting on your clothes.

You can reapply your natural deodorant whenever you need a top-up, but it works best when not sweating already.

That’s it! Get out there and smell as fresh as nature!