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The difference between anti-perspirant and deodorant

Antiperspirant and Deodorant - the fearsome twosome

Are deodorants and antiperspirants the same? Not really, but they're on the same team.

Think of these guys as two crime-fighting superheroes in the MCU. They’ve both got their own things going on, and go on solo missions, but they sometimes get together to fight a supervillain.

If they are so great together, should you use both deodorant and antiperspirant? Well, not necessarily! Read on to find out more.

Which one do you need - deodorant or antiperspirant?

To know when to apply deodorant or antiperspirant, let’s break down what they do.

Deodorant’s main goal is to fight body odor all day long, by eliminating the bacteria that creates odor and covering you with an irresistible fragrance wherever you go. Anti-perspirant, on the other hand, stops sweat in its tracks.

Some guys find that they prefer to only use deodorant, because they’re not sweating that much. Others want anti-perspirant for extra protection.

And, sometimes, it’s down to external factors: you might use anti-perspirant on workout days or in summer but stick to deodorant only in winter. It’s all down to what you need.

Tag yourself, I’m…

For a true antiperspirant and deodorant comparison, pick the scenario that describes you best.

If you…

  • You work in an office or are studying full-time, and are giving more Peter Parker than Spiderman
  • Love smelling fresh and alluring all day, but don’t sweat that much
  • Have sensitive or dry skin
  • Like to keep things as natural as possible

    …then we recommend you get yourself some deodorant! Axe deodorants all provide 48-hour protection against bad odor. If you’re a less is more kinda guy, then our new Fresh Collection is aluminum-free, paraben-free and derived from essential oils.

If you…

  • Are on your feet a lot throughout the day
  • Live in a hot climate
  • Hit the gym with moderate intensity
  • Get damp under your layers
  • Need occasional extra protection for a date, or squaring off with a nemesis

    …then we’d say a combo would be best for you: deodorant when you’re taking it easy, and anti-perspirant on active days.

And if you…

  • Play sports or fight villains all day
  • Love high-intensity workouts and high-speed pursuits
  • Sweat or feel damp all the time, even when it’s cold out
  • Need to shower more than once a day to stay fresh
  • Find wet marks on your clothing and feel like you have to change clothes a lot

    …then it’s definitely time to think about applying a combination anti-perspirant deodorant for the best of both worlds. Remember, this guy works best on dry skin, before you start sweating!