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A man holding a bottle of the most popular axe body spray



And the award goes to...

You’re a savvy guy. You don’t settle for anything less than being totally on point, so you’re after the best fragrances. Well, we don't want to brag but we're kind of a big deal. Just check out the lists of best-rated men's deodorants and other grooming products, recommended by the experts, that we’re featured in below!

Best fresh-smelling deodorant

Good Housekeeping’s named us in their best deodorants for men to smell fresh all day long.

Axe Phoenix Body Spray: take a bow. We’ve already covered Phoenix in our round up of the top-selling Axe fragrances. It’s probably one of our best-selling deodorants for men of all time, the big daddy of all Axe fragrances. We know no one can resist its chill but seductive vibe.

The article makes a point we’ve been saying all along, that a good deodorant can straight up replace your men’s cologne. Good Housekeeping is swooning over Phoenix’s “fresh, fruity fragrance”. One of the most attractive men's deodorants, it features an irresistible scent which is a revitalizing mix of crushed mint and rosemary to keep you fresh, clean and on top of it all day long (and for up to 48 hours).

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Best for grooming

What about our other fragrances? Well GQ backs Axe Apollo Antiperspirant in its 2021 Grooming Awards. We love Apollo for its ultimate warm but fresh combo – but more importantly, so do you. It’s one of our top sellers. An unbeatable, iconic mix of sage and warm cedarwood keeps you totally fresh, balanced and 100% ready, day and night.

Most popular Axe body spray for men

Not to be outdone, style site Byrdie gives Axe Dark Temptation special mention in their Best Body Sprays for Men round-up. This fragrance is a cult fave of ours – and Byrdie give it props for being a little bit spicy and a lot sweet, blending notes of hot chocolate, amber, and peppercorn. We can think of worse things to smell like for 48 hours.