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Stop it. You're making us blush

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Stop it. You're making us blush.

Reviews of Axe fragrances

Our latest Fresh Collection is out and the reviews are more sizzling than your crush’s Tinder profile.

Ok, maybe not that hot, but they’re good. Want to find out how to smell good all day? Read on to learn what these guys love about their Axe fragrance.

When we made these 100% natural origin scents, infused with essential oils, we set out to make the best natural deodorants for men. That’s a tall order, so we knew we’d need the best fragrances.

We had a hunch these new kids on the block would be a hit, but it’s always great to hear customers say it in their own words. Everyone’s in agreement: Axe has the best smelling deodorant for men.

Axe Mediterranean Cool: Bergamot & Sage

–“The smell is amazing. A very fresh yet manly scent. It kept me dry and protected me all day” – Koko

–“This deodorant smells terrific and helps keep me dry and fresh all day” – Mike

– “I absolutely love the freshness it imparts! It’s hands down the best deodorant stick that lasts all day long” – Ajay

–“The scent comes across as more sophisticated than other deodorants” – Joe

– “This is a masculine scent that has an upper scale vibe to it” – JKIN

Axe Hawaiian Vibe: Mango & Tropical Fruit Axe Hawaiian Vibe

–“This is a manly smell, which really smells good. It’s working great, I’ve had it on for 2 days now and I’m still smelling good” – Retiredinok

–“I love this deodorant! The scent takes me back to the Island! The scent is fruity but masculine. It glides on real smooth and lasts all day” – Ed

–“It's almost like being on the island full of pineapples and mango. It was just amazing” –¬ Justin

– “It has mango and tropical fruit touch, feels like you on vacation in the middle of cold winter” – Garedmarin

Axe Caribbean Chill: Coconut & Eucalyptus

–“They stepped up again and made a Caribbean scent! Having been to Jamaica I can tell you it smells just like the beaches! This stuff is legit!” - Joe

–“My lady friend loved the scent. I went dancing and I was worried that the protection would last. I was very pleased that it did” – Donny

–“This deodorant smells so, so good. The scent is clean, fresh and refreshing” – Riley

– “This takes me to the beach every time I put it on. This tropical scent is perfect for those cold winter nights when you’d rather be at the beach” –Edward

–“The brand is phenomenal. The coverage lasts all day and it smells heavenly” – Clyo

Axe Alpine Lift: Lavender & Mint

–“I love the Alpine Lift spray. It's a very clean and fresh outdoor smell. Lasts all day and in all kinds of activity.” – Wes

–“I love that I can wear it to work, to the gym, or even on a night out.” – Cubscandyman

–“This stuff does the job, but man does it smell good. I get compliments on my smell without even wearing cologne.” – Slide

Once you’ve chosen the best fragrances for you, it’s easy to keep smelling fresh and sexy, whether you’re working hard or playing hard.

Start your day with a shower using Axe’s Fresh Collection natural body wash with plant-based cleansers. It’s paraben free and the bottle made of recycled materials. Follow up with your paraben and aluminum free deodorant stick, then hit the ground running.