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Don't Sweat It: How To Stop Sweating So Much

Worked up a good sweat? It’s cool – we’re not here to question it, we’re here to deal with it. We’re here for the glo up. You’re just a few steps away from feeling irresistible and smelling amazing with our how-to-stop sweating tips. Help prevent sweating with the right routine and products and be ready for whatever and whoever comes your way.

The anti-sweat power is yours for the taking. Let’s get it!


Just like there’s a science behind sweating there’s a science to stopping it. Sweating is the OG of cooling down – our body does it to keep our core temp down and keep us chilled. So, if you’ve been wondering how to sweat less, keeping yourself as cool as possible is one of the best ways to do it. Keep things zen with these GOAT ways to stop sweating:

  • Wear light and breathable threads. Choose lighter and more breathable fabrics if you can – anything made from cotton is usually a good idea, and anything with good ventilation. If you’re out and about, go for lighter colors which help reflect the sun. Oh, and protect yourself against sweat and your clothes against white marks with a deodorant stick like AXE Dark Temptation. Boom. 48-hr instant fresh to keep you smelling ready.
  • Keep it shady. OK, but you want to know how to stop sweating so much when it’s hot out there? Keep rooms cool by drawing the curtains/blinds and using a fan. If you’re out, bucket hats at the ready. Keep to the shade – anything to avoid overheating (there’s being lit and then there’s being on fire).
  • How to stop sweating? Wear antiperspirant. Alright, folks – this one’s major. The real tea. Antiperspirant fights against sweat, meaning it’s essential when you need to know how to stop yourself from sweating. Antiperspirants prevent sweating by covering your sweat glands, which helps eliminate body odor by reducing the amount of sweat on your skin and keeping you dry as a result!
  • AXE’s pro-scent technology with anti-sweat formula combats wetness as well as smelling epic, and there’s one for most occasions. Keep things light with AXE Phoenix and its refreshing scent of crushed mint & rosemary. If you’re a sweaty sleeper, apply before bed if need be, or if you’re wondering how to stop nervous sweating, apply before that particular thing that makes you nervous sweat.
  • Wait a bit before showering and dressing. How to not sweat so much can be solved by simple things like waiting a bit for your body to cool down after a warm shower. Give yourself a bit of time to cool off before applying your antiperspirant and getting dressed.
  • Don’t get thirsty. Unless it’s for a fire Insta post, obviously. Keeping yourself hydrated is a good way to regulate your body temp and help reduce sweating

That’s it. The End. Go forth and seize the next 48 hours, sweat-free.