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You want to smell amazing. We want you to smell amazing. Everyone else out there wants you to smell amazing. And now you can smell better than freshly baked bread and a new videogame booklet combined when you check out our deodorants formulated without aluminum.

It’s up to you whether you want to use an antiperspirant deodorant with aluminum or if you fancy rocking a non-aluminum deodorant. Think of it like considering ordering a stuffed crust pizza or a thin crust pizza – there’s not a right or a wrong answer (unless you’re really serious about having even more cheese on your pizza).

So, why use aluminum-free deodorant? Well, ours is built different. AXE aluminum-free deodorants for men use our high definition scent to keep you smelling incredible. These deodorants are formulated without aluminum – but they’ll still leave you smelling amazing for 48 hours. And anything can happen in 48 hours – so get creative.


You’re not going to believe how good a deodorant formulated without aluminum can make you smell. The high-definition fragrances are going to blow your mind like the ending of Inception x1000. Whilst we’ve got a range of aluminum-free deodorants for you to try, here are some of our favorites:

  • AXE Phoenix. The classic that keeps you smelling epic for 48 hours. Covering you in a high-definition scent that’ll leave you feeling like a Greek God. If you’ve tried it, you already love it. If you haven’t – it’s time to meet the legend.
  • AXE Apollo. This deo-stick will have you smelling like a million dollars.  48-hour odor protection – hold the aluminum. And that HD scent of crushed mint and rosemary will make you smell irresistible.
  • AXE Skateboard & Fresh Roses. Confidence means having nerves of steel and staying ice cold when you’re about to send that risky text or try a Hail Mary in the fourth quarter. Grab a stick and smell awesome for 48 hours.

With those options to pull off the bench, you’re always going to be able to score a winner when you need it most. Why use aluminum-free deodorant? Well, it's all about having a choice, and with AXE, you've got plenty.

So, get out there and push what you can do for 48 hours; with a high-definition scent by your side, you'll be smelling ready for whatever the day holds. 

Too late to prevent sweat marks? Already got sweat stains on your shirt? If you want to know how to hide sweat stains and sweat marks, simply layer a tee under a shirt. The under-shirt will cover for you whilst your favorite tee hides the evidence. Win-win.

And remember – everyone sweats! Be ready and smell ready with AXE. Now grab your tee and get out there.