A girl shaving a guy’s head.
Hair Style

The Buzz Cut

Shorn Sides. Strong Look.

The buzz cut style is a classic military style popularized by college kids, '90s hip hoppers and '80s punk rockers. No matter your personal style, your buzz will benefit from two things: a decent pair of clippers and some after-styling cream. We recommend Axe Natural Look: Understated Cream. 

Buzz cuts suit pretty much any face type, but work best if you’ve got a strong jawline. A good beard or some rough stubble helps, too. Like James in the video, you’re gonna need an extra set of hands for your first buzz. Find a good barber or friend you can trust with sharp objects.   

The History

How It Began

The buzz cut has been around for centuries, but is best known as a modern military staple. And today? It's perfect for guys who want a no-fuss cut they'll never need to spend more than a few minutes on. That's the beauty of the buzz.

Kieron Webb - The London Barber




    Brush hair from front to back for extra control and smoothness. 

  • RUB


    Rub Axe Natural Look Understated Cream through your hair for a refined finish.

  • TRIM


    Stay smooth. Get regular trims from your barber. Every 2-3 weeks should do it.