A guy with a short sides, long top haircut.
Style Story

Short sides long top

Short Sides, Long Top.

The short sides, long top style is smart but edgy. The sides are slicked back, but the long hair on top gets plenty of volume and texture to create some real juxtaposition. 

Pulled straight out of the history books, you’ve probably seen your favorite actor, band or DJ sport this look on screen or on stage. The short sides long top’s been around for a while, but owes its huge popularity nowadays to its bold and choppy contrasts and versatility. 

Style it by keeping it messy at the front, or have the top slicked to the side. Either way, you’re gonna look awesome.  

How it began

The History

Working class men in 1900s Britain couldn’t afford a barber to properly blend their sides in. But the angular look caught on with young people and the short sides, long top was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

A young guy, with a long top haircut.


How to
  • WET


    Dampen your hair. Blow-dry up top. Brush it upwards and back with a round brush.

  • DRY


    Blow-dry the sides, making sure to rake them back with your fingers as you go.

  • RUB


    Rub Axe Messy Look: Flexible Paste in your palms. Rake backwards for a smooth look.

  • COMB


    Finger-comb your hair backwards for the texture up top. Now you’re good to go.