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The Benefits of Aromatherapy for Men: How to Choose the right Scent

What do you mean, you’re not an expert in men’s aromatherapy?!

Just kidding. You’re not expected to know your calming scents from your energizing fragrances. That’s what perfumers are for. They’re the ones who mix all of our irresistible Axe fragrances. But why do they go to all the trouble? What are the different benefits of scents? 

For centuries, essential oils - scents that are extracted directly from the plant or fruit - have been thought to affect your mood in different ways. So, you can either choose relaxing scents if you want to chill, or something to boost your mood if you’re heading out and about. Is this a proven science? No. But it’s fun. Plus, not only do essential oils smell great, but they’re also proven odor-busters – useful for providing protection in natural deodorant. 

Our new Fresh Collection deodorants are made with 100% natural origin scents and essential oils, and the deodorants are also 100% aluminum free. The result? Some of the best fragrances you can find in a natural deodorant – period.

So, whether you’re looking to find your new signature smell, or just want to indulge in some aromatherapy for men, here are some benefits of scents from our fresh new collection.

Here’s what we love about the new scents. It’s aromatherapy, the Axe way.

Bergamot and sage

Best for: mood boosting and energy

One of the key scents in Axe Mediterranean Cool, bergamot is a fruit in the orange family. It smells citrusy, but more complex and sophisticated than your morning glass of OJ. It’s refreshing, bright and floral, so it’s a great stress buster and mood booster.

Sage is that herb you see in cooking, but don’t worry, this combo doesn’t smell like Thanksgiving stuffing. It’s woodsy, green, herbal, and a little mysterious. Back in the Middle Ages, people thought sage was an aphrodisiac. Who are we to disagree?

Mango and tropical fruits

Best for: having fun and feeling happy

One of the biggest benefits of aromatherapy is the ability of certain scents to make you feel better and tropical fruits are the way to go here. Axe Hawaiian Vibe is the fragrance that sees someone having a party and says, “hold my beer”.

Fun but manly, bursting with mango and tropical fruits, this scent doesn’t go unnoticed. Mango is a classic happy scent: juicy, sweet, ready to party. Mingled with other tropical fruits, this is spring break in a stick. Apply for an infectious, happy-go-lucky attitude.

Coconut and eucalyptus

Best for: relaxed focus

For those of us stuck in colder climates, coconut is the ultimate beachy scent. Sweet, creamy, and warm, coconuts are also a sign of well-being and wealth in some cultures.

But if you're looking for relaxing scents, Axe Caribbean Chill is your guy. It’s a balanced scent and we’ve added woody eucalyptus for a cool and sophisticated fragrance. An aromatic tree with fragrant leaves and bark, eucalyptus is a strong deodorizer, and this scent is fresh and focused – just like you need to be.

Mint and lavender

Best for: feeling calm, but refreshed

Well-known for being calming scents, lavender is the OG. Well-know for being calming and soothing, lavender is a purple flower and super popular scent in cologne. It isn’t too sweet, and in our Axe Alpine Lift scent it’s paired with fresh mint. This scent is frosty and fresh, like snow, and is invigorating and energizing. Perfect for the morning after an all-nighter.

Like what you hear? We do too. In fact, with this collection, we think we’ve really nailed how to smell good all day. Learn more about making the switch to natural deodorant here.