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5 tips for choosing the best deodorant

TFW you need back-up: What deodorant should I use?

A good deodorant is like your best friend – it’s got low-key your back, no matter what. But how do you know what deodorant is best? We’ve got 5 handy tips to help you decide how to choose the right deodorant for you.

#1 Find a scent that’s uniquely you

When it comes to knowing how to choose the right deodorant, the first thing to think about is finding your scent. People smell you before they even talk to you, so you want a scent that tells them what you’re all about. But what is a good deodorant scent to pick? You might want to stick with your signature fragrance, something that’s distinctly you, or you could switch it up, going bold on big nights out and keeping it chill in the office or in class. 

The best fragrances for men balance different scents for a scent-sational final product. Axe has a fantastic range of irresistible fragrances with odor protection, and our deodorants cover you for 48 hours, so you don’t have to worry about how to combat body odor. Personally, we think the right deodorant can replace cologne, while also working to give you extra protection against bad odor!

If you’re looking for something different, our new Fresh Collection deodorants have 100% natural origin scents infused with essential oils, no parabens and are aluminum free. With scents like Mediterranean Cool, Caribbean Chill, Hawaiian Vibe, and Alpine Lift, you can find the fragrance with your name on it. Are you feeling energetic and cheeky, or mellow and chill?

#2 Tackle bad odor

Want to know the answer to ‘what is the best deodorant for teenage guys?’ Well, a key is making sure it helps combat body odor. What you smell like can change from day to day. It depends on biology, exercise, the weather, stress levels, even what you eat – garlic and onions, for example, can give your body odor some extra, um, flavor. 

If after a long day, you’re smelling a little funky, then you might enjoy some protection and coverage. How does 48-hour protection sound? When it comes to knowing how to pick the right deodorant, our long-lasting deodorants are a great choice, with irresistible fragrances so you smell fresh for up to 48 hours. 

#3 Level up

What is the best deodorant for men with a busy schedule? A deodorant that works well with the rest of your routine. It’s time to level up.

Deodorants work best on clean skin, so start the day in the shower, topping up on that awesome fragrance with one of our paraben-free body wash products, which have the same irresistible fragrances as your deodorant.

You can stick to just deodorant to smell great, but if you also want to keep dry, use our sweat-busting antiperspirants to stay dry and smell irresistible. If you’re not sure, we’d recommend starting Axe’s male deodorants with odor protection every day and keeping antiperspirant as a handy back-up, for days when you’re sweating, like, a lot and need to call in the big guns.

#4 Go green

You’re trying to do your part for the environment, so your deodorant should too. Our new Fresh Collection products are infused with essential oils and have 0% aluminum and parabens. Bonus, the body washes come in 100% recycled bottles.

#5 Big it up

Now you know how to choose deodorant, consider buying in bulk or using Subscribe & Save on Amazon. Buy a set of 4 or subscribe for more savings and even better value. 

Hopefully these tips have helped answer the question ‘what is the best deodorant for men’ and will allow you to choose the right deodorant. But now you know how to choose the right deodorant, check out our guide on how to apply your chosen fragrance.