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Guy with a medium fade hairstyle, in profile.

Hair Style

The Medium Fade


The messy medium fade is the definitive get-up-and-go cut. Suited to most face types, all you need to pull it off is a laid-back outlook on life and a tub of Axe Messy Look: Flexible Paste.  

Tapering around the back and sides gives it a grown-up style. The messy texture on top adds contrast and a hint of boyish charm. Best of all, it’s easy to manage. Roll out of bed. Rake. Squeeze. Part. And you’re ready for the day.

This winning mix of ease and casual sophistication has made the messy medium fade one of the trendiest styles of the year. And it looks like it’s here to stay. 

How it Began

The History

The medium fade has always been a barber shop classic. The slight graduation in to a messier mane up top is more of a modern invention, favored by guys who like to keep things neat but still rock a slightly dishevelled look. 

Guy with a medium fade hairstyle, looking in the mirror.

A mid fade can change your whole look for the better. It works well with different styles, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. 

Kieron Webb - The London Barber

Learn The Fundamentals


Learn The Fundamentals

  • 01


    Kick things off with freshly washed hair. Use Axe Dual 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner.

  • 02


    Mix up of a fingertip of Axe Messy Look: Flexible Paste in your palms.

  • 03


    Rake the product through your hair using your fingers, keeping it light as you go.

  • 04


    Part roughly down the middle with your finger. Use a comb to get a cleaner line.

  • 05


    Re-rake your hair backwards one last time. Give it a squeeze. You're good to go.