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Man with a basketball trying to be confident with a girl


10 ways to quickly boost your confidence

Having one of those days? 

We’ve all been there. Whether you’ve been ghosted on Tinder, accidentally went viral for all the wrong reasons, or took a major L on a project, we all get knocked off our swag from time to time. 

Here’s an action plan for how to be more confident in yourself, when you need a quick boost.

#1 Keep things in perspective

We tend to think of guys as confident – or not. But no one is confident all the time. This is particularly useful when wanting to know how to be confident at parties – room filled with people who look self-assured? Chances are, they’re all a little nervous too. So don’t sweat it, just take a deep breath, and keep things in perspective.

Real confidence doesn’t come from flexing in every situation, but from knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and having a sense of humor about stuff, most of all yourself. Next time your skateboarding moves end up as a TikTok fail, lean into how funny it is. It’ll be someone else’s turn soon.

#2 Give yourself a pep talk

Want to know how to improve your self-esteem? Give yourself a pep talk. Positive Mental Attitude is used by pro athletes around the world. NFL superstar Tom Brady embodied PMA when he said “I don't care about three years ago - I don't care about two years ago. I don't care about last year. The only thing I care about is this week.” What makes champions isn’t their lack of mistakes, it’s their ability to recover and learn from them.

Anyone can benefit from PMA. Particularly if you want to know how to be confident on a date, try giving yourself a pep talk before you head out. Keep it real: “Ya big playboy!” isn’t going to hit the same way as: “You’re looking good today” or “You’ve got this.” Still not quite there? No worries, we’ve got some more date-preparation tips here

#3 Back to nature

Reality check: how much time are you spending online? A great answer to knowing how to feel more confident is to get outdoors. Go on a hike, drag a lawn chair into your garden or throw a frisbee in the local park. Soak in the fresh air and think about the intriguing mystique you’ll build not posting every 3 minutes.

#4 Move… a little or a lot

Exercise gets us in a good mood, whether you’re lifting weights, trying a new pose at yoga or dirt biking in the local woods. Don't have a regular workout schedule? That’s ok! Take a quick walk at lunch or do a 20-minute home workout with a YouTube video for an instant confidence boost.

#5 F*ck around and find out

Yeah, risks are scary, but they’re also how you’ll get what you want. Learn to shoot your shot and move on if you’re unsuccessful. Take a small risk today. Take a small risk today: volunteer to DJ at your cousin’s wedding, spark a conversation with that cute barista, or offer to host your next study group. You’ll soon see that knowing how to be more confident in yourself can be as simple putting yourself out there.

#6 Give back

There’s no better way to be confident than taking a break from being the main character for a hot minute. No one at the local animal shelter cares about who said what in the group chat. So do a quick search today to find your local community groups, then go fix the world.

#7 Balance hobbies and hustle

Confidence comes from balancing work and pleasure. Schedule some fun in today. Go see a movie, set up a gaming night with your buds, or chill on the couch with your fave pet. Need a fast boost right now? Put on an upbeat playlist (dance moves optional).

#8 Pick the right fit

Are you gonna wear that t-shirt for the second day in a row? This ain’t it, chief. We all know the expression fake it until you make it. One of the best confidence tips for men is, on days you’re not feeling so bold, put on a cleanly pressed tee, and your freshest face forward. You’ll feel better in no time.

#9 Smell like straight fire

Know you smell great no matter what. Applying a fave scent is an instant confidence booster.

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And finally…

#10 Find a role model

The best advice when you want to know how to be more confident in yourself? When you’re not feeling like the king of the world, visualize someone who’s inspired you, who radiates confidence, no matter what life throws their way. It can be an athlete, activist, musician, mad scientist, even your cool uncle Brian. Ask yourself what they would do in your situation!

With these super easy confidence tips for men, we’ll get you back on your a-game in no time. Still feeling a little nervous? Find more tips on how to stay chill in tough situations here.