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5 ways to stay chill in tough situations

Consider the following scenarios.

  • You’ve got a big presentation and your nerves are in overdrive. Your class can be a tough crowd. Didn’t they make a substitute cry that one time?
  • You’re at a party, mid-bite of a chicken wing, when your crush walks up to you. Time slows down as you chew and think of something to say….
  • You said the wrong thing to your best bud – maybe cracking a joke about his biggest insecurity wasn’t the most tactful thing to do in front of the whole gang – and now he’s annoyed at you. How do you apologise?

What do those three situations have in commons? Well, they’re the awkward sorta situation that happens all the time. How do you stay chill when something unexpected knocks you off your stride?

Read on to find out how to be more social and confident and navigate whatever tricky situation life sends your way. You’ll be Mr. Suave & Smooth in no time.

  1. How to stay chill by counting to 10

    The best way to gather your thoughts in a stressful situation is to slooooooow it down. Take a pause. Instead of scrambling to respond, simply breathe in and out a couple of times and collect your thoughts. 9 times out of 10 this technique will get you out of the panic zone, and people will be hanging onto your words.

  2. Arm yourself with funny ice breaker jokes

    Whether you’re trying to charm someone, present to a group of people, or defuse a tense situation with your pal, humor always comes to the rescue. Sprinkle in just enough to be approachable and help everyone relax, but avoid the dirty jokes and oversharing and keep it relatable.

  3. Be yourself to be confident

    Wondering how to be socially active? If you’re underprepared, nervous or feeling insecure, don’t compensate by bragging or showing off. Be honest and open up. People can totally relate. That’s the key, really, to how to be confident in any situation. Be yourself, flaws and all.

  4. Prepare, run through, and ask for help if needed

    We all get caught off guard. But if you’re stressing a first date, public speaking, or even a serious conversation with a bud – practice and prep make perfect! Get in front of a mirror and run through your lines – without reading from the notes. Think of questions to ask your date and look at reviews before deciding to hit up a local restaurant. If your tough situation is more complex, reach out to someone who can help, whether that’s family, friends, or teachers. You’re not alone!

  5. Use the right fragrance to boost self-confidence

    How to improve self-confidence? The results are in: using an Axe fragrance can boost your confidence in just 15 minutes. You can read more about how to find your signature scent and discover our top-selling fragrances. Get spritzing – you can thank us later.