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First Date Ideas to Impress Your Crush

So, you’ve gotten over the first dating hurdle: asking someone out, and in the immortal words of Chris Harrison, you’ve got yourself a one-on-one date. Though you may not be heading off to the ‘Fantasy Suite’ quite yet, there are still lots of ways to impress. Knowing how to have a good first date can be tricky, so here are some great first date ideas to inspire you.



Remember what it is you like about your crush. How did you two meet? What did you first talk about? Because when it comes to what to text a girl initially, a little bit of personalization goes a very long way. To get you started, have a go at these tried-and-tested methods for how to start texting a girl:


1. MAKE A TIKTOK. If you want to know how to impress a girl on a first date, then why not try making a TikTok together? Not only is this a great way to break the ice but you can show off your Woah and your Captain Hook (she doesn’t need to know you spent hours watching YouTube tutorials to get them right).

2. VIRTUAL DINNER DATE. Whether you can arrange an in-person dinner date or you have to have it over Zoom, there are lots of little things you can do to make it special. Think cushions and blankets on the floor, maybe some candles, maybe a fire extinguisher for when it heats up – or you kick over the candles – depending on how smooth your moves go… 

3. DINNER AT HOME. It’s cheap, easy, and it’s more chill than going to an actual restaurant, which will help to take off the pressure. Plus, it solves the problem of knowing where to take a girl on a first date and choosing a place – the best place is Casa De [insert your name here]! *chef’s kiss*

4. READY PLAYER ONE. Whether you’re long-distance-lovers or able to see each other more easily, playing games together online is a fun way to spend a date. Plus, it feels casual which can help to lighten things up. You’ll know they’re the one if they’ll drop into Verdansk with you (plus, that’s not your only option – maybe suggest something a bit more tame, like racing each other on Mario Kart, if they seem hesitant to join you in a virtual battle).

5. CHALLENGE EACH OTHER. Not sure what to do on a first date with a girl or guy? Why not bring out your competitive sides by challenging each other – it can be something as simple as drawing while blind-folded or playing Heads Up! Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could do sporting challenges… (yeah we know, we weren’t convinced by that one either but ya know, each to their own).

6. NETFLIX AND CHILL. It’s getting bait but sometimes it’s the right thing to do. Plus, with Netflix Party, you don’t need to be in the same place (or city, or even country) for your date.

Say something random – just say whatever you’re feeling. Channel your mood and just talk.



Wondering how to impress a woman on a first date? Catch her eye (and boost your own confidence) by making a bit of an effort with your look. We’re not suggesting a full-on Bond tuxedo here, just simple things – taking a shower, getting changed out of that baggy t-shirt you’ve been wearing since March – will go a long way. Use some AXE Natural Look Softening Control Clay to make sure your hair – and your look – is on point.



First-date nerves can be pretty intense. Make sure you cool that racing pulse (and any nervous sweats) by using AXE Ice Chill Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick – now you’ve got less to worry about.



You’re going on a date with this person for a reason: you like them. They’ve agreed to go out with you for a reason: they probably like you too. Don’t overthink it too much and just have fun.