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A man wearing a scent to attract a woman


The laws of attraction

How to be attractive is a timeless question. Whether you have a crush or just want to radiate confidence so matter what you do, we know one thing: feeling good about yourself is a major turn-on. 

We’ve already covered how to be more confident in 10 quick steps, so today we’re going to look at the scent and attraction psychology, and how to be more confident in yourself with the help of Axe.

Fragrance and Love – What’s the connection?

There’s no miracle recipe for how to be bold and confident. If you invented it, you’d become a massive celeb overnight. But it’s scientifically proven that you can boost your confidence using Axe fragrances, and that pleasant fragrances increase guys’ attractiveness.

In a study with Gen Z guys who used an Axe body spray:

  • 95% agreed that putting Axe on in the morning gives you confidence, and makes you smell fresh and feel good
  • 92% found Axe products tackles bad odor all day
  • 91% found that Axe provides a long-lasting fragrance all day long

What’s more, we ran a study that showed that applying Axe spray increased guys’ confidence in a way that made them behave more attractively to women. Guys who used a different spray didn’t get the same effect!

Scent Attracts Women    

Noses are crazy sensitive… and people care about smell. Like, a lot.

In a recent study, women ranked a man’s smell as the most important thing to them for attraction, even over their looks! There is a real connection between body scent and attraction. Their sense of smell was so sensitive that they could smell the difference between guys with high self-esteem and low self-esteem. So, choosing the right scent is the answer to how to make yourself more attractive!

Control Body Odor

Something we bet you didn’t know: younger guys have a harder time smelling odor-causing molecules than girls or older guys. And, as luck would have it, younger guys’ underarms also smell stronger than older guys’ and women’s. We’ve covered the science behind body odor. In short, it’s all to do with hormones, which activate a certain type of sweat gland.

That means that controlling odor is just as important as fragrance if you want to learn how to be more confident.

You might find you sweat more when you work out or feel stressed. If you’re a Gen Z guy and exercising heavily, you could be sweating up to half a gallon per hour! Beating body odor and staying hydrated are key to smelling great. On top of underarm odor protection, you might want to top up with a fragrance to smell great all day long. Enter body sprays.

These guys can give you long-lasting freshness with coverage that goes where deodorants can’t. Axe fragrances are designed specifically for Gen Z, and they’re fresh, irresistible, but not overpowering. Bonus? They smell unbelievable.

Axe body sprays give you that same 48-hour lasting scent as our deodorants and antiperspirants. You can also top up on them throughout the day as required. Because they “go” where deodorant sticks can’t, 50% of Gen Z combine body with their stick deodorants for total body coverage.

Learning how to be bold and confident is a journey. But smelling great is a great start. Get spritzing!