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Shave it for later: Should you shave before or after a shower?

Do you shave before or after a shower? Probably not a question to ask your crush if you’re trying to get to know them better but an important question in general, and we’re here to help.

Even if you’ve nailed your shower routine, and you’ve worked out whether you’re a podcasts or blasts-of-the-most-recent-hyperpop-release kinda guy, most of us are still a bit unsure about the best time to shave. Should we shave before or after showers? What’s actually better? Should we even care?

So. Many. Questions. But just enough time to answer them – grab your shower cap, WE’RE GOING IN with these shower tips and advice on choosing between a shower or shave first.





Simply put, shaving before you shower isn’t ideal for sensitive skin. If you’re struggling with dry skin, shaving it before it’s been softened and prepped in the shower could lead to further irritation, and that’s true whether you’re considering a traditional or electric shave before or after a shower. Think dry on dry… it’d make you flakier than your friend flaking five minutes before they’re meant to show up.

But there are a few benefits to shaving before showering… you get to shower off all that post-shave debris and discomfort. If you absolutely must choose a dry shave before you shower, follow up your routine with an epic-smelling and hydrating body wash, like AXE Black. Dermatologist tested with 100% plant-based moisturizers, it’ll leave you smelling ready and feeling confident after an epic hit of frozen pear and cedarwood. All you need to do is lather on and rinse off.

Follow up your routine with an epic-smelling and moisturizing body wash.



For ultimate comfort and confidence, we reckon shaving after, or even during a shower is the way to go. Make things easy for yourself! The warm water and steam will open up your skin’s pores, softening the hair follicles, leaving it ready for a closer and more relaxing shave. You can even cleanse your face in the shower and give it an exfoliate ahead of your post-shower shave – this’ll shave (sorry) a bit of time once you’re out of the shower. To keep skin feeling epic ahead of shaving, choose a hydrating body wash like AXE Excite.


Whatever you choose, you'll smell ready and feel epic with an AXE Body Wash.