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What to do on a second date to keep things steamy

Secured a second date? Nailed it! Time to make a fool-proof plan to keep things rolling. If you’re fresh out of good second date ideas, look no further.  


When it comes to dating tips, second date planning means you’ve already done something right. Whether you’ve analyzed every episode of The Bachelor and come up with a winning formula or just gotten lucky and met someone awesome you connect with, you’ve established a good grounding for romance. Here are a few general things to keep in mind for your second date:

  • Some solid second date advice is to make it more personal than your first meeting. Don’t introduce them to your parents just yet but show that you were listening to them on your last date — and now you want to know more. Guess what – you may end up getting really into astrology or line dancing as a result! And even if you don’t, you’ll score points with your crush for indulging them.
  • First comes love, then comes — Woah, slow down there buddy! A second date means further interest, not marriage. If your thoughts are racing ahead and you start to panic over any commitment implied by a second date, rest assured that it’s waaay too early for the talk. Just enjoy getting to know one another for now.
  • Wondering whether to go in for a kiss? If the moment is right (your crush is showing signs they’re into you – and your personal hygiene is up to scratch) by all means, lean in. There’s no guide for when you should take things to the next level – it’s all about chemistry (the kind you can’t revise for) and………. timing.

Reduce the noise – a quiet setting means you two won’t have to shout ‘SAY WHAT?’ every time one of you says something, which helps to get the chat flowing!


No money? No problem! Taking someone out on date numero dos doesn’t have to drain all your dollars. What matters is that you both have a good time. If you’re all out of cash, here are a few ideas for places to go where romance can grow (without you looking like a tightwad):

  • A park (either one you know well or one with top reviews on Yelp) — bring a picnic (but find out their dietary requirements first – vegan-mocha-choc-chip gluten-free brownies or dirty burgers?)!
  • A skate rink (if it’s cold enough — avoid rinks where skate rentals are a total rip-off).
  • Get yourself on the VIP guest list for a buddy’s band concert (if you don’t have any buddies in bands, get some quick!).
  • If your crush is into art, hit up a gallery and make sure you read up on the stuff on display in advance.
  • Are you and your crush sporty? Get down to that pitch and do your best Pulisic impression. Even if you’re terrible, you’ll at least make your crush laugh.



  • Reduce the noise – a quiet setting means you two won’t have to shout ‘SAY WHAT?’ every time one of you says something, which helps to get the chat flowing.
  • Tongue-tied? There are plenty of online resources for ice breakers, conversation starters, and appropriate questions to ask. A bit of prep never hurt – just don’t bring flashcards to the date.
  • Follow up on what your crush reveals about themselves (hopefully you did this on the first date, too). This also helps you remember what they’re into.

Want some physical action without getting too close? Challenge them to a game of one-to-one soccer, tennis, crazy golf or volleyball to turn up the body heat (make sure you’re wearing a great-smelling antiperspirant). Just don’t be a sore loser if your crush wins.

All good second date ideas revolve around getting to know your crush better, so enjoy spending time with them without any pressure. If things go well, you might get to spend even more time with them – and can you really imagine anything better?