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guy and girl talking on a basketball court


10 questions to ask a girl or guy you just met

Maybe you’re standing in a line or wandering around the mall. Maybe you’re out with your buddies. Then. All of a sudden. You look up.

BOOM. You’ve made eye contact, they’re smiling, you’re smiling, you open your mouth but… nothing happens.

Your brain is melting trying to figure out what to ask a girl you just met, but talking to strangers can be pretty awkward. Especially if they’re hot. And you’re heating up. But hopefully your antiperspirant is keeping your underarms cooler than your brain so you don’t completely dissolve in a sticky puddle…

Luckily, there are tons of questions to ask a girl or guy, they or them, that won’t leave either of you lost for words. So when you’re trying to think of questions to ask someone you just met, check these out for size.



  1. How about coffee sometime?
    Go big or go home. It’s a bold move in terms of things to ask a girl you just met (or guy) – but a confidently attractive one. Plus, no one ever asks each other out anymore! Why not set up an actual 1:1 with this person, virtual or IRL? Conversation is more likely to flow in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, like a coffee shop. If you’re both at ease, you’ll feel more relaxed to ask those questions on the tip of your tongue. Remember, you don’t actually have to have a coffee.

  2. If you could drop everything right now and travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    When it comes to questions to ask someone you just met, establishing common ground is one of the best things we can do. We all experience a bit of #wanderlust at one time or another. The best thing about this question? You’ll seem interested and spontaneous – both attractive qualities. Who knows, you might both want to go to the same place… (how about that second date?)

  3. If you could only watch one boxset for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
    A killer a question. Why? It allows you to go first. Tell them what you’re into right now. Not only will it take the pressure off them, you can take the opportunity to flaunt your Netflix knowledge. Even better: there’s no wrong answer! Even if they reply with something you’ve never seen or something you’d never watch, ask them about it – opposites attract.

  4. Where'd you get that jacket from?
    A great question in the top 10 best questions to ask a girl you just met or a guy you’ve been eyeballing from across the room: this one ticks a number of boxes. As long as you’re being genuine, you’ll seem interested and attentive. They might be caught a little off-guard by the compliment, so be lowkey. Obviously, if they’re not wearing a jacket, choose something else you like about their outfit… otherwise, that’d be weird.


  5. We're going on a road trip, but we can only listen to one song. What do you choose?
    We learn a lot about a person through the music they listen to, so this is up there when it comes to questions to ask a girl or guy. Sharing tracks you’re both into is often one of the best ways to start a new relationship.


LIfe isn’t scripted - above all, go with the flow.

  1. What's your favorite cure for boredom?
    Maybe you’ve met this person somewhere pretty basic, enter: one of the best questions to ask a girl or guy in this situation. Their answer could be talking to you. Your answer could be talking to them. We can almost feel the chemistry from here.

  2. If you could change anything about what I'm wearing, what would it be and why?
    Nice. We see what you did there. Suddenly, all eyes are on you. When searching for questions to ask a girl you just met, don’t be shy. Fortune favors the brave! And this one is brave. Not only will it put them at ease because the focus is shifted to you, you’ve opened the way for a bit of humor. Remember to keep your cool and don’t take their answer too personally. Besides, they might not want to change a thing about you…

  3. If you could be anyone else for the day, who would you choose and why? 
    Obviously, you don’t want them to be anyone other than who they are. But we think this should be included in the top questions to ask a girl you just met, because it’s a great window into someone’s personality. Have they chosen an actor? Author? Politician? Musician? Their answer will reveal more about what they do in their spare time, which can only be useful information for you.

  4. So, what would you do if you won the lotto?
    It’s a classic in the list of questions to ask someone you just met, and a really good way to get a feel for a person. Maybe they’re into travelling, maybe altruism is their thing, either way, you can chime in with your extra helpful suggestions for how to spend that guap. A great opportunity to see whether you’re on the same page or not.

  5. What's your perfect first date? 
    Good one! And a great way to end the conversation if things have been going well. With any luck, you’ll get some decent ideas for when it actually happens.

Have these bangers to hand for easy and interesting questions to ask a girl or guy when the conversation needs a bit of spice. But life isn’t scripted, so above all, go with the flow.