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A man in a wheelchair, dancing with a girl.


We think it’s high-time we got rid of the labels and stereotypes that surround masculinity. Take a stand against bullying with us and let's shed the labels that hold guys back.


We’ve all been there. Been told that ‘a real man’ wouldn’t do that or to ‘man up’. YAWN.

The fact is that over half of us have been told that ‘real men’ have to behave a certain way. Those outdated masculinity stereotypes might have been the norm decades ago, but times have changed, bro. You do you!

We linked up with Ditch The Label, an anti-bullying charity, to help stop bullying and shed those old expectations of masculinity once and for all. So far, we’ve supported 1,582,079 young people through some pretty tough times and we ain’t stopping there.

Got something on your mind or just fancy helping out? Visit Ditch The Label to learn more about how you can challenge outdated masculinity stereotypes (link opens in new window).