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A man looking at his quiff in the mirror.

Hair Style

The Modern Quiff

Classic Modern Men's Style.

Like its close cousin, the pompadour, the quiff hairstyle has a heritage steeped in French aristocracy and the ‘50s rock and roll scene. To this day it still stands out as the perfect blend of rugged and regal. It demands attention whether you wear it tight and polished or as a mohawk.

This bold quiff is all about balance. It's a short back and sides matched with a clean, sharp hairline. Contrasts are key: always keep your sides shorter than the top.

A modern quiff opens up options for extreme contrasts. If you dare, work with plenty of length on top and close cuts on the back and sides. 

However you style it, wear it with a sense of rebellion. 

How it Began

The History

The go-to cut for all-American bad boys, this ‘50s style actually got its start among the French aristocracy in the 1800s. Flash forward a century or so and it’s still a look that’s favored by rebels and rockers.  

Modern Quiff

Neat quiffs need to be combed into position. Messy quiffs can be shorter and more rugged. 

Kieron Webb - The London Barber

Learn The Fundamentals


Learn The Fundamentals

  • Dry Hair


    Blow-dry the front of your hair for extra volume. Go as high as you dare.

  • Mix Axe


    Mix Axe Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade in the palms of your hands, coating evenly.

  • Rake Hands


    Rake your hands back and forth through your hair. Shape the sides back.

  • Extra Texture


    Lift at the top and front for some extra body. Squeeze the front for extra texture.