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With the world getting ready to flip its door sign over to ‘open’, it looks like meeting other human beings for some socially distanced socializing is back on the cards.

…Now, we don’t think it’s going out on a limb to say that your recent hermit mode may have been great for turning you into a League of Legends pro. But it’s probably not helped keep those dating skills sharp.

Relax. Before you engage the PANIC button, we’ve got some tips to help you smell ready for the new normal.

Spray AXE. Smell Ready. 

You may not know it, but you could be suffering a common side effect of lockdown, “nose blindness” (the inability to realize you smell less than fresh). Fine when you don’t have to go anywhere or see anyone, but a problem when you’ve got real world interactions coming up, especially when someone you like might be there. Allow us to help. Whether it’s the subtle and refined scent of  AXE Black deodorant body spray or the fresh fragrance of AXE Phoenix deodorant body spray , you’ll be left smelling good and feeling great. So you can take on the new normal with a potent combo of cool wit, charm and interpretive dance (aka the secret skill you learnt in lockdown).


Addressing the unwashed elephant in the room with AXE Body Wash

Going au naturel for a few months might have been liberating, but it’s time get reacquainted with your ol’ buddy the shower. Remember that thing? Well, it’s missed you and you’ve both got a lot to catch up on, E.G. memes, so many memes. So, lather up with AXE Apollo Body Wash  and ace that first meet moment in the new normal with the regenerative power of a solid shower.

Look, we’re not saying readjusting to life on the outside is going to be easy — you’ve done a long lockdown stretch… finding your flow again will take time. But find it you will. And we’ll be there to help you smell ready and stay fresh as you ride that semi-functioning homemade e-scooter you built into the brave new world that awaits.

Making your move in 2020? You got this.