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How To Fold A Pocket Square


How To Fold A Pocket Square

Fold a square to perfection.

Adding a pocket square lifts a suit to new heights. Stylish since the '20s, and they've been the dapper gents' favorite ever since. 

Pocket squares don’t have to be worn with a top hat and tails. Even a casual blazer can be brightened by a pocket square. Use your pocket square to stand out from the crowd at smart casual functions. Pick the right color and pattern, and you're good to go. 

Going formal? Avoid matching up your pocket square with your tie color. Pick a hue that works for you and complements the rest of your suit. 

However you wear your square, keep it clean. A fresh square perfects the look, a dull one kinda ruins it.

  • A guy in a blazer, folding his pocket square.


    Lay your pocket square out flat on a hard, even surface (like a table).

  • A guy folding a pocket square over his knee.


    Pinch it in the center and let the corners hang down.

  • Holding a pocket square between thumb and forefinger.


    Hold the middle of your pocket square between your thumb and index finger.


  • Flipping a pocket square before putting it in place.


    Gracefully flip the points upwards. Keep this shape and carefully pocket your square.