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Axe’s Messy Look: Matte Gel


Break the rules: styling a matte look with gel

We all know that guy whose hair is always on the right side of messy. The dude with hair that says “Hey, I rolled out of bed and left home to grab a coffee in ten seconds flat.” Want to know the secret behind his messy hair look? The answer is a laid-back attitude and…a styling gel. 

Messy-look styling with gel

A messy, matte bed head needs a product that is light but still gives hold: nothing is worse than a surfer-style look that can’t handle the wind. Axe Messy Look: Matte Gel gives medium hold with a matte, no-sheen finish. 

So what styles can you go for with a matte hair gel? If you’re short on the sides with length on top, the tousled look is a classic. For more direction, try sweeping the top to one side while keeping the messiness. This works well on straight or wavy hair. 

For shorter hair, get some texture by ruffling the hair in different directions. Rock stars regularly nail this look (without it seeming like they tried, of course). 

Axe’s Messy Look Matte Gel, spread over a surface.

How to use hair gel

Start off with dry hair. Don’t go overboard with gel: too much will weigh your hair down and make it majorly crunchy. Start with a fingertip amount; mix it between your fingers and rake through your hair from root to tip. 

Need more? Go ahead. Remember to aim for full coverage: you may not be able to see the back of your head, but everyone else can. 

Got fine or thin hair? Try this trick for more volume: pinch or twist gel through sections of your hair and then ruffle the whole lot up. 

If you’re always running late, skip the pinching and go straight to the ruffling part. You should end up with a tousled mess. 

All done. 

Now, go grab that coffee.