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A dark-haired guy, blow-drying his hair.

How to


The basis of a great hairstyle.

A proper blow-dry can leave hair looking shiny and healthy, with great body and movement. The trick is to be gentle and take the time that your hair deserves, or there will be real risk of losing that slick style. 

If you’re wondering how to blow-dry hair, invest in a good quality hair-dryer first. If yours is about as effective as a wheezy hand dryer, your hair’s not going to get the best from your blow-dry.

Blow-drying men’s hair works with a huge variety of hairstyles. It doesn’t matter if your cut is carefree and wild, high and tight or a punk mohawk: a good blow-dry is almost as important as the product you use.  

  • A guy sitting on his bed


    Start with freshly-washed hair. Gently towel dry if your hair isn't curly. 

  • towel-drying his hair.


    Set your hair-dryer to medium-high heat. Dry hair in the direction you want. 

  • A guy holding a hair-dryer


    Dry a section at a time, angling underneath longer hair to reach every strand.

  • A guy using a dryer to style his hair.


    Dab out a fingertip amount of Axe Messy Look: Flexible Paste. Apply through dry hair.