Short messy hair tutorial

The short messy cut



This short and messy hairstyle is really versatile. It works with all kinds of hairstyles: you can rock this laid-back look with either straight or curly hair. This messy haircut only needs Axe Messy Look: Matte Gel and a bit of personality for it to work to its full potential.

No need to be super-precise or make sure every hair is in the right place. The messy haircut is all about a wild and carefree attitude, with just a hint of effort. If you want to go for the full rugged look, team your messy haircut with stubble or a full on beard. 

Perfect for:

How it began

The history

Short, messy hair is a staple look of youth subcultures: from the beat poets of NYC to Southern Californian surfers and skaters. There's just something about being young and free that calls for a short and messy do. 

A guy with short messy hair, in profile.
  • Dry


    Start with dry hair. 

  • Coat


    Evenly coat your hands with Axe Messy Look: Matte Gel.

  • Define


    Squeeze product through your hair to help define and encourage the texture.

  • Mess


    Go over your hair with a hair-dryer to reshape. Add more product to get really wild and messy.