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A guy with freckles and a crew cut.




The crew cut is a clean but cool hairstyle that’s perfect for short hair. Worn by everyone from college boys to celebrities, its military associations make it an obvious choice for a sharp and polished look for someone with a classic style. 

This is a hairstyle that’s perfect for guys who may be thinning out a bit on top, but still want to look trendy.

Simple but stylish, the crew cut is defined by tightly buzzed sides fading into a small amount of length on top. Despite the minimal length, it can be styled several ways. Use Axe Messy Look: Flexible Paste to add texture for a casual feel or height for a sportier look. Now you’re fit for duty. 

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The history

The crew cut grew out of Europe, but made its name in the U.S. of A. The cut of choice for college kids on the East Coast, it was the standard issue haircut for G.I.s in World War Two. It’s been popular with civilians ever since.  

A guy getting his hair clipped.

A crew cut is the cut for guys that like to make subtle style statements. It’s about your character as much as the hair itself. 

Kieron Webb - The London Barber

How to learn the fundamentals

How to

Learn the fundamentals

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    Wash your hair with Axe Anarchy 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner and it's go time.

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    Blow-dry your hair using a medium heat, while moving from the back to the front.

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    Rough Axe Messy Look: Flexible Paste through your hair. Lift your fringe as you go.

  • 04


    For a neater look, use a comb to create a classic smoothed-out style.