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Pack smart, pack like a pro with the vacation checklist.

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How to pack smart for your vacation.

You’ve been imagining this moment for months. Your flight takes off in a few hours and you’re grinning like a kid on Christmas. Just one last battle stands in your way. You haven’t packed. But panic not. Because we wrote the rulebook on packing like a pro. So you can stay feeling fly in the sun, on the slopes, or out city-tripping.

  • Check

    Fix up

    Forget washbag woes. A body wash, deodorant, and mane-taming hair cream, hair wax, or hair gel is all you need to keep it fresh. Don’t sweat it, you’ve got this.

  • Spray

    Every vacation needs a swimsuit. Why? Because you just never know when the next pool party invite or free hotel spa pass will land in your lap. When it comes to swimmer style there are no rules. None. So, get ready to unleash your magic with fun-loving prints or out-there color. Ready to take the plunge into new style territory? Then get on board with this year’s hottest trend – short shorts. Go on, dive in. We dare you!

  • Turn

    Swim in style

    As much as you’d like to think so, you can’t always take your pool sliders out to dinner. Pack some proper shoes and save the sliders for the poolside. For laid-back vacation vibes, look no further than a pair of leather loafers. They’re on trend and guaranteed to go with everything in your suitcase. No stress.

  • Iron

    Pack some proper shoes

    Why not make a move to minis and switch your full-size products before you fly? Stock up on your carry-on essentials while killing time for take-off, plus there’s also less to pack before you leave! Don’t forget the 3.4 oz liquids limit when flying internationally – but hey, it’s nothing a travel size Axe bottle (or two) can’t handle.

  • Keep it crease-free

    Keep it crease-free

    You’ve mastered the art of ironing a shirt. Go you! But how to keep it that way? Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is a failsafe fix for keeping your shirts looking fresh on the other side.

  • Make yours microfiber

    Make yours microfiber

    Yes, we sound like your mom, but trust us on this one. Pack a microfiber towel. It saves on space, dries super quick, and is much lighter than a traditional towel. (And yes, it really is great for drying your hair really fast as you race from pool to party).

  • Scrub up well

    Scrub up well

    Holiday romance? Invite to the party of the season? Date night? Pull off every eventuality with your favorite shirt. Then just add the power of hair pomade - because there’s nothing this mane-magic can’t do to get your hair just the way you like it. Wake yourself up with a burst of your favorite Axe scent, then go get ‘em good-looking.

  • Take shade

    Take shade

    Yes, they make you look cool and cover all trace of the night before, but there is a more serious side to slipping on those shades. Harmful UV rays can bounce off water, sand, and snow, so cover up to protect your eyes.