High diver aerial shot

Meet the superhumans of extreme sports


Ever heard of freediving?

It’s the act of diving, underwater into a great watery abyss, all the while holding your breath with no oxygen tank allowed. And then, just keep on going until you reach outlandish depths. Now that’s the human body pushing the limits! 700 feet (214 metres) is one freediving champion’s record – in a single, nine-minute long breath. And...exhale.

A person meditating

There’s a superhuman in all of us

It’s not just the ultra-runners, sound barrier blasters, and freedivers with superhuman skills. Everyone has a uniquely magical spark. Did you know, our brains use a whopping 25% of our inhaled oxygen? Just our brain! So, even if you’re wondering about tomorrow’s class, meeting or which Lynx antiperspirant to buy in the grooming aisle, you’re using your superhuman skills, too.