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Smell Fresh

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So you’re all about the deodorant stick, right? And why wouldn’t you be, when it smells this good. Invigorating freshness that keeps you buzzing all day long. Looks good. Smells good. Throw a deodorant stick in with your kit and always feel fresh and fly.

The perfect match 

It doesn’t stop here – why not pair up your deodorant stick to make the ultimate BO-busting posse?

Body spray

When it comes to date nights and late nights, add Axe body spray to your grooming arsenal and smell great when it counts. Be warned: these scents are addictive. Spray all over – this is a full-body freshener that is guaranteed to get you a little closer when it matters most. Time to get trigger-happy and do your thing.


Don't be shy

The antiperspirant dry spray

New date. New job. When life starts to heat up, you need something to keep you cool. Don’t sweat it. Axe antiperspirant dry spray has your back for 48 hours. Spray on. Smell great. And be prepared for any sweaty situation.


Mix it up

The antiperspirant stick

When it’s time to up the tempo, you need a product that can keep up with the pace. Add an antiperspirant stick to your locker room armoury and stay on top of your game. Feel fresh and dry. Always smelling great, right from the warm-up to the final whistle.


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