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young man with thumbs up infront of his phone on a video call

Stay in Touch

3 Apps that keep you in touch with friends, family and colleagues:
1. WhatsApp for the Axe man who prefers to use his phone for texting and video calling.
2. HouseParty for the times you and your friends want to wind down by turning up.
3. Facebook Messenger for the man who has mastered the art of sliding into a DM.


Stay Focused

3 Activities that will keep your mind sharp
1. Plan for your future by outlining your academic and career goals.
2. Read a book you previously couldn’t fit into your schedule.
3. Learn a new skill or sharpen your existing skills set. If you’re a creative, designer and Axe advocate TK Matakanye recommends that you keep the creative juices flowing by finding inspiration for content on Pinterest or Instagram. Plenty of creatives like TK know that a compelling image often sparks the best ideas.

A single image can contain a series of suggestions to consider and past ideas to rework and make your own.

iPhone displaying the word airplay
young man sitting on the couch on his phone black jeans

Stay Fresh

3 Ways to look and feel like you’re going out even when you’re staying indoors
1. Tweak your male grooming ritual if needed.
2. Stock up on essentials such as antiperspirant and deodorant.
3. Don’t let yourself go.

Stay in the Loop

3 Platforms that will fill you in on current affairs:
1. Twitter is filled with the accounts of journalists and news agencies that provide up-to-the-minute news updates.
2. YouTube is the best choice for men who prefer news highlights over 30-minute bulletins.
3. Search Engines should be your go-to platform if you only want to follow specific news stories.

young man sitting on the couch on his phone feet up white jeans
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Andy “Kanye Dre” Tshizubu (Model)

“Try to do some online learning by watching videos. YouTube is one of the best teachers you could learn much from. Gaining a better understanding of your craft by listening to people’s experiences and advice might inspire you to try out new techniques.

“This one is for content creators: learn different ways to shoot content. Learning how to execute a really cool self-portrait, or shoot high-quality videos with a phone and not a camera, are just a few ways to improve.

“I’ve started doing FaceTime shoots with my friends. It sounds weird but this is how it works: A friend and I go on FaceTime and I use my camera to shoot them. Their job is to position their phone in a way that allows the shots to come out clearly. Although we can’t have in-person photoshoots anymore, we can have virtual ones.”