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Young African man using body spray

Stay Dry, Smell Great All Day

Imagine a body spray and roll-on combo that could keep you dry and give you all-day fragrance. Now stop imagining and get your hands on Axe Ice Chill.

Can you think of a greater compliment than being told you smell great? Being called handsome is cool, and having your style appreciated takes your confidence level up a few notches. But being good looking is a matter of winning the genetic lottery, and the definition of good style is constantly evolving.

Fragrance, on the other hand, turns heads without much effort. Use the right body spray and your presence is noticed before you say a word. You could be metres away from someone but still grab their attention if you smell great. Couple that with the confidence that comes with not breaking a sweat, and you've got all the ingredients you need to brew some unfiltered confidence. All-Day Fragrance

All-Day Fragrance

Now imagine if you could bottle that confidence and take it with you wherever you went? What if that bottled confidence could also keep you dry after a session of heavy lifting, a quick grocery run and a virtual meeting that needs nothing less than your A-game? You might not realise it, but there are plenty of times when you need to stay dry and smell fresh all day. So, what's the solution? Three words: Axe Ice Chill.

Infused with the fragrance of Frozen Mint and Lemon, Axe Ice Chill cools you down by 6°C. You get to smell fresh all day while keeping your cool. Pair it with Axe Ice Chill antiperspirant roll-on, and you won't just smell fresh all day; you'll stay dry, too.

No matter how fast-paced your day gets, the Axe Ice Chill range is more than up to the task of making sure you stay fresh and smell great all day.

Smell Great, Win Big

Smelling fresh all day is its own reward. If you smell good at any hour of the day, you’re already winning. Smelling great all day is one of the victories real winners are all too familiar with. Be the man of the hour by looking good and smelling great. Even if it's for a virtual call, the confidence is visible. But there is another way Axe can help you be the man of the hour.

Axe is giving fans the chance to win one of 24 prizes – one for every hour of the day. All you need to do is complete this form to enter. A random draw will choose a winner each hour. Prizes include:

  • Spotify vouchers
  • Netflix vouchers
  • Zando & gaming vouchers
  • A random prize

A man who smells good is lightyears ahead of his peers. It’s one thing to smell good after a shower. It’s another thing to maintain that fragrance all day. No prizes for guessing which scenario turns more heads.

Enter now to win weekly data rewards and epic prizes. Entries close 30 September 2020. T&C's apply.