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Low fade tutorial


Taper Fade Haircuts for Your Lifestyle

Inspired by icons of rap.

Popular among rappers (some have rocked this style for years) the low fade haircut is a classic style that requires the skill of a hairstylist who knows the right way around a pair of clippers. 

Also known as a low taper fade, the low top fade keeps the lower sides of your hair as close as possible to your skin, getting thicker as you go up. 

Just like the mohawk, the low top fade is an enduring symbol of inner city life and urban rebellion. Perfect if you need to rock a style on the cutting edge, but wanna keep things classic.  

man applying cream


The History

The low fade has been popular since the early 2000s and originated from the high top fade, seen amongst '90s hip hop stars. Like older bro the high top, the low fade has become a classic style.

A low fade haircut, seen from the back.

This style works best what your line up is on point. Get your barber to keep it neat, and put plenty of emphasis on the flat top.

Kieron Webb - The London Barber



  • 01


    Get a fingertip of Axe Natural Look: Softening Cream and spread through your hands.

  • 02


    Apply the product in circular motions with a curl sponge to get definition.

  • 03


    Start sponging from the back and work your way to the front to get your look. 

The Upkeep

If there’s anything lockdown has taught us, is that we need to be less reliant on the professionals when it comes to self-care. Not only will it save you a few coins, but also the time you spend waiting for your turn at the barbershop.

One of the good things about a taper fade haircut is that it’s super low maintenance. You don’t need to give it extra attention or over style it. Here are a few things you can do to keep it looking fresh.

Sharpen The Edge-up

If your razor handling skills are unmatched and you’re not afraid of a little DIY action, then a brush, sharp razor or small clippers and a mirror are all you need. With your tools, carefully follow the already defined lines to get that clean shape you want for your hairline. Don’t forget to trim the hair at the nape of your neck and behind your ears.

If you’re not the DIY type of guy, your best bet is to visit your barber every two weeks for that precise edge-up.

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Hair Care

This is a step you don’t want to skip. No one wants a patchy haircut, so what you put into your hair matters, regardless of length. Get good quality hair products to help nourish and prevent it from dryness and breakage.

If your hair is dyed, choose the right products to maintain the health of colour treated hair. There’s a whole range to choose from that are great for all types of fade haircuts.

Revive The Cut

No matter how good you are with a razor, when it’s time to get a fresh haircut you must get a professional to do it. We suggest you do this every three to 4 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows out.

Get Creative With It

There are so many ways you can step up your hair game and make the haircut unique to your style. Nothing says “daring” like adding some cool graphic line-work or a simple parting on the side. It really takes the look to the next level. Some waves or colour wouldn’t hurt either. That will really set you apart from the rest.

Other Types Of Fade Haircuts You Can Try

  • Mid fade is a trendy haircut that anyone can pull off. It’s the sweet spot between a low and high fade. It starts below the temples and over the ear – right at the centre of the side of the head.
  • Bald fade, also known as a skin fade, is for the guys who want the sides and back super short. It gives off an illusion that the skin is blending with the hair. This creates a clean and edgier look.
  • Drop fade is one of the unique fade haircuts as it curves down towards the back of the head, with the front part being slightly longer.
  • High top fade is a classic and one of the most requested styles. The sides are more defined, and the fade starts near the top of the head. This highlights the styling on top which can be dreadlocks, twists or an afro.

Switching up your fade haircut

switching up your fade haircut?

Are you keen on

switching up your fade haircut?

Are you keen on