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guy getting ready to shave


Male Grooming Trends to Keep an Eye On

It’s safe to assume the average man puts at least some effort into their appearance. Regardless of their age or social standing, they will have a set grooming routine.

But you’re not the average guy. You’ve found your magic, and the only thing you’re worried about is sharing that cool with the rest of the world. You don’t just want to put your best foot forward - you want to stay ahead of the curve and give yourself the best grooming experiences as often as possible.

The burning question is: what’s on the horizon for male grooming? Here’s a list of male grooming trends that are going to be around for a while.

Men Want Multifunctional Products

When it comes to choosing grooming products, multifunctionality is a major deciding factor for many men. Have a look in your toiletry bag. Chances are, your moisturiser doubles up as sunscreen, and your body wash probably exfoliates too.

What’s better than buying a bottle of deodorant that gives you a fresh scent? Buying one that cools you down while giving you 48 hours of freshness. Axe Ice Chill, the latest Axe Range, helps you keep your cool while providing you with a modern, masculine scent.

We’re Going Beyond Just Combing and Shaving

Gone are the days when shaving cream and spray were the only things you’d find in a man’s toiletry bag. The Axe Man (hint: that’s you) understands that there’s more to a man than a beard and body odour. Not everyone’s skin and hair is the same, which is why more and more men are looking for products that are tailor-made specifically for their needs.

Enjoying the Physical Benefits of Self-Care

It’s no secret that stress, heavy drinking, smoking and exposure to the sun wreak havoc on our skin. Even the most expensive lotions, creams and sprays can’t compete against bad habits. The solution? Take it easy on yourself. Reduce your intake of unhealthy food and drinks, wear sunscreen and find healthy ways to unwind.

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for the latest grooming tips and trends. You just never know what serums, sprays and skincare solutions are out there. The key to unlocking your magic is a click away, if you know where to look.