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Handsome man cutting his own hair


How to Cut and Style Your Hair at Home

Browse a male grooming platform and you'll probably find the following: skin care tips, shaving product recommendations and a load of blogs about how to choose the right fragrance. What you're unlikely to find is a blog or video about how to cut and style your hair at home.

With the exception of the men who go for a clean shave, not many guys see the need to cut their own hair. If they have a good barber who knows his way around a pair of clippers, they don't mind making regular visits to the barbershop for a cut and shave. But you never know when you won't be able to see your barber.

When that happens, you only have two options: let your hair grow for weeks or even months on end, or take matters into your own hands. Most would agree that the first option is no option at all, which leaves only one course of action — cut and style your own hair.

If cutting your own hair is an idea you can get behind, here are a few tips to keep in mind before you reach for the clippers:

Get the Right Tools

A workman is only as good as his tools. If you're serious about getting a barbershop-level haircut, you'll need hair clippers, scissors, and a three-way mirror. If you're going for a fade, make sure you have the right comb guards to style your hair properly.

Wash Your Hair First

Before you switch on the clippers, wash and shampoo your hair. Clean hair is easier to cut, as the styling products used on hair can make it hard to comb and feed your hair into the clippers. It's also easier to remove tangles from moist hair than dry hair.

Choose the Right Space to Cut Hair

You're probably tempted to cut your hair in your bathroom, but that's not the best place for the task. You’ll need good lighting, a large enough space and a large mirror. Some bathrooms have dim yellow lighting that could obscure your view. For the best results, find a place in your house that has adequate space and lighting.

Don't Wait too Long Between Haircuts

Once you've had your hair cut by a professional barber, it's not that hard to touch up the hairstyle yourself. But the key is to keep cutting your hair while the barber's previous work is still visible. If a fade is your preferred hairstyle, cut your hair before the sides grow too thick.

Use Tutorials to Guide You

Cutting your hair isn't as simple as choosing the right body spray. There's nothing wrong with getting a bit of help. If you need step by step instructions, Axe has a ton of blogs about men's hairstyles. Follow the steps carefully and your work will rival your barber's.

Learning how to cut your hair is a valuable skill that will save you lots of money. Give it a shot — you've got nothing to lose but a month's worth of hair.