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Online Dating Tips for the Axe Man

Creating a dating profile is simple: you answer a bunch of questions, upload a picture and click register on a website. That simplicity is exactly why most dating apps have an insane number of active accounts.

Which brings us to our problem. How do you stand out on a dating app or website with hundreds of thousands of subscribers? Those numbers aren’t the only problem, by the way. A report by a research firm called GlobalWebIndex revealed that 62% of the people who use dating apps are men. You don’t need to be a math whizz to realize those are some crappy odds.

Ever wondered why some guys have no problem getting matches on Tinder, while some gents can’t seem to get anyone to swipe right on their profile? The formula is simple: take good pictures and write an interesting profile. This is how you do both.

Make Sure You Get My Good Side

Before giving advice, let’s make sure your expectations are realistic. If you want your photo to look like a magazine cover, you’re in for disappointment — lots of it. Unless you’re willing to fork out a fortune for a makeup artist, good photographer, expensive lights and a graphic designer to Photoshop your imperfections, your picture won’t look like a Men’s Health Cover. And that’s okay.

The aim is to show your world your best appearance and draw someone into the world. So do a bit of male grooming before the shoot. Trim or neaten up your facial hair, get a good haircut and wear new or unfaded clothes. Your picture should give the world an idea of who you are. Are you a musician? Take a picture of yourself strumming your guitar or playing the keys. Or maybe you’re a bookworm. Take a few pics in front of your massive book collection. Show your potential date that you’re a fun guy who’s worth spending time with.

Tell Me About Yourself

Online dating is like advertising. Think of your pictures as a billboard and your bio as the tagline. If there was ever a time to go the “less is more” route, it’s now. The best taglines are short, unique and have the potential to start a conversation. And besides, if you reveal too much, you’ll have nothing to talk about on your first date.

If you’re going to mention any of your interests, don’t do it in a predictable way. Instead of saying you like watching movies, why not mention the last movie that made you cry? Don’t tell people you’re a huge music fan — who doesn’t like music? Make it a bit more interesting by saying something like: “Still waiting for someone to release a better album than (fill in your favourite artist’s name here)”.

When it’s finally time to meet your date, make sure you keep your cool. A few bursts of New Axe Ice Chill body spray will decrease your temperature by 6°C and give you the confidence you need to make a good first impression.