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A man in a scarf, spraying fragrance.

Style story

How to wear a scarf

Knotty but nice.

Scarves let you mix function and flair. A well-tied scarf looks put together in an effortlessly casual way. Not only are scarves great accessories, but they also help keep you warm all through autumn and winter. So, it’s worth learning how to style your scarf.

Scarves are one of the few items of clothing that can be styled with any outfit. In a perfectly tailored suit? Set off your look with a bright wool scarf to add some colour. Heading out for the latest sneaker drop in a winter coat? A graphic scarf will top things off nicely.

Discover how to tie your scarf using our steps and start working your winter style magic - because with Axe, male grooming is about more than smelling fresh, it’s about looking fresh too.

  • 01


    Place one end of the scarf on your right shoulder.

  • 02


    Drape the scarf around your neck and let it hang down.

  • 03


    Take the long end and wrap it twice around your neck until it reaches the other end.

  • 04


    Tuck your scarf into your coat or jacket to keep it in place.