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How to choose the perfect men’s fragrance

Your scent has an incredible effect on how people perceive you. When you smell great, you feel great and you’re lowkey telling people that you take good care of yourself. Naturally, they will be drawn to you. This can make finding a fragrance, pretty hectic. I mean, this is the scent you want people to associate with you, right? Don’t stress though. We’ve got your back.

Cue, Axe entering the group chat.

Our selection of deodorants will take your confidence from zero to a hundred, and have you drawing attention everywhere. They will also bring out your best self, especially when your outfit is on point.


Axe has a mind-blowing range of fragrances. Each one is tailor-made for 48-hour odour protection. With so many options, you’re bound to find the right fit. To show off your suave, gentleman side, Axe Black, Dark Temptation and Apollo are for you. They’ll unleash the perfect amount of masculinity.

If you like robust and woody aromas then the Gold, Wild Spice, Musk and Excite deodorants will pack a punch.

For the guys who live on the edge, Axe Ice Chill and the Adrenalin fragrance will energise your senses and keep you refreshed all day.

Do a test run and take your time

While recommendations may give you an idea of what you like, you won’t know for sure until you try it out. Think of your fragrance as an extension of your personality. So, before you commit, give yourself a month or so to get familiar with a scent until you find “the one”. Some fragrances take a while to shine through. You may initially find the woody notes in our Excite fragrance subtle, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the hint of oriental spices as time goes by.


“I like a fragrance that you notice and want to find out more about - get a bit closer. I don't want to walk in and be jolted awake by someone's smell.”Chris Pine

Fragrances are not a one size fits all. Factors like your skin type play a role in how scents react to your body. The good thing about our body sprays is that they are all long lasting. But if you have oilier skin, stick to the subtle notes like the Axe Black deodorant as scents last even longer on these skin types without being overpowering.

Seasons change, so should you

So, you’ve found your signature fragrance, why stop there? Switch it up depending on the season or time of day. You may get your crush’s attention with Axe Ice Chill during the day, but you will want to turn up the heat on date-night with Wild Spice.

The same goes for seasons. Find a fragrance that will pop during winter and one that won’t let you down in the warmer months. Note that certain fragrances also perform different functions like Axe Ice Chill, which cools down your body temp by 6 degrees, making it perfect for those hot summer days.

Consider your routine

Think about your lifestyle and the activities you’re into. If you’re more laid-back and spend your time indoors go for the more subtle aromas. This way your scent doesn’t take over the entire room. If you’re one of those active, always on the move kinda guys, a fragrance like Axe Adrenalin is the one for you. The herbal and citrus blends will keep you fresh all day, every day.


Having more than one body spray means you’re spoilt for choice but avoid wearing them all in one go. The people around you should get subtle hints of your scent here and there, not drown in it. If you do decide to use more than one fragrance, keep it in the family. Combining woody notes with florals or fresh notes with citrus will give you and those around you a headache.

Hit The Right Spots

Amplify your scent by spraying it on your pulse points. These are warm areas like your chest and inner elbow. Your body heat will punch out scents, leaving a pleasant trail as you move. It’s also a good idea to keep a bottle in your gym bag, car or pocket for those times when you need an extra boost of confidence. 

It may take time to find your ideal fragrance. Don’t overthink it. Whether you wear it for yourself or to make a statement, you want a fragrance you vibe with and that’s pleasing to others. If you ever get tired of the scent you can change it up. No pressure.

If you’re still not sure how to find a fragrance, head over to our website and take the quiz to help you decide.

What do you look for when choosing your ideal scent? Let us know on our socials.


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