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How to Boost Your Confidence

What’s the one thing all successful guys have in common? Regardless of what they do for a living, you can bet they have one huge similarity: confidence. It’s what keeps musicians, sports stars, and business owners on their A-game. The key to building self-confidence has nothing to do with your job title. There are dozens of ordinary guys who’ve got confidence by the boatload.

One of the easiest ways to boost your confidence is by paying a bit more attention to your appearance. We’re not talking about a complete wardrobe change and a new grooming routine. Just a few minor changes to your gear and grooming can take your confidence levels up a few notches. Here are five simple ways any guy can get more confident and get that that All Day “MM” Effect:

Smell Good

Don't underestimate the power of smelling good. The right antiperspirant roll-on and deodorant combo can make your presence felt way better than the right words or outfit. Choosing the right deodorant or body spray isn’t just about finding one that smells good; it’s about getting your hands on a fragrance that says a little something about you. 

Dress Well

Expensive doesn’t always equal stylish. You’ll get way better results when you focus on the right colour coordination and fit instead of the price tag. Even a simple white T-shirt and jeans combo can make a better impression than rocking designer name brand clothes from head to toe.

Focus on Your Grooming

A bit of routine grooming, even if it's just the essentials, sets you miles apart from the average guy. Something as simple as regular haircuts, cutting your fingernails and using the right fragrance are just a few ways to make sure you’re always on your A-game.

Get Healthy

Getting healthier doesn’t mean you have to spend all your free time pumping iron at the gym. Just eating healthier food and getting a bit of exercise every day can do a lot for your confidence. Healthy food and exercise encourage the production of feel-good chemicals called endorphins. If you get enough of those pumping through you, your confidence levels can go off the charts.

Learn a New Skill

The weird thing about confidence is that it's based on constant self-improvement. The most confident guys are those who realise that there's always room for improvement. Learning a new skill is a great way to show yourself what you're made of. Anyone who’s started off as an amateur and slowly worked their way to pro level can relate.

While upgrading your looks forms a great part of trying to gain confidence, it’s important to also focus on how you feel on the inside. Learning to mentally hype yourself up and build self-confidence is not an overnight job nor is it easy, but it is a goal you can certainly reach. Here’s how:

Unfollow Your Triggers

We’re in an age where our lives revolve around what’s happening on social media from trending topics to style inspiration. But sometimes the content we’re exposed to can trigger our insecurities and make us feel like we’re not #winning in life. The best way to avoid this, unfollow the pages that knock your confidence levels down.

“Comparison is the thief of all joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

Own Race, Own Pace

Once you stop comparing yourself to others, be it friends and fam or a cool influencer, it will be easier to focus on the things that you like about yourself. Knowing and accepting that we all win at different times will set you free from feeling inadequate.

You should also try to avoid comparing yourself to the ‘old you’. As we grow, different versions of ourselves are created and it’s up to us to ensure that each version is the best according to our standards and not society’s. Be the type of guy who exudes ‘top dawg’ energy everywhere he goes, without coming across as a jerk.

Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes

Believing in yourself and being your own hype man is 100% a key factor to building self-confidence, but everyone needs a supportive crew to lift their spirits. Having people who help you overcome your insecurities instead of using them against you can help you identify all the great traits you possess and gain confidence.

Self-confidence will take you a lot further than someone else's approval. Trying out a few new habits is all that stands between you and the best version of yourself.


When does your most confident self-come alive?

When does your most confident self-come alive?

When does your most confident self-come alive?