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teenager sitting on a wall outside a building


Bucket List: Things You Should Do Before You Turn 20

Teenagehood is a time of adventures, self-discovery, first kisses and clothing choices you'll regret in 10 years. You're only a teenager for seven years, but you can pack a lifetime of memories into that period. Here's a list of five things you have to do before you turn 20:

Ask out Your Crush

If your stomach sinks at the thought of asking out your crush, join the club. It's a feeling that never really leaves you no matter how old you get; you just learn not to let it stop you. And there's no better time than now to start learning. Just follow the basics: be respectful, state your intentions clearly, and make sure you look and smell good. Wear your best outfit, pop a mint, apply some antiperspirant to keep sweat at bay, and spray deodorant to give you great fragrance.

Join a Sports Team

The teenage years are the physical prime of your life. You're fitter now than you'll probably ever be, so use that to your advantage. Joining a sports team isn't only a great way to stay fit; it's also one of the best places to make new friends. After you've sweated it out on the soccer field, basketball court or cricket pitch, make sure you have body spray on standby to freshen up.

Go Camping

Imagine if one activity could give you a digital detox, the chance to spend quality time with your friends, explore nature and test out your survival skills all at once. Why imagine when you could go camping? Grab a tent, sleeping bags, bedding, a lantern and a group of close friends.

Checklist covered? Now it's time head to the great outdoors! If you're going to a campsite that doesn't have shower facilities, make sure there's a clean, safe river nearby. Also make sure you've got all the toiletries you need: lotion, roll, shampoo and most importantly, body spray. You don't want body odor to ruin the occasion.

Get a Driver's Licence

Getting that small square of plastic can give you a level of independence you previously only dreamt of. You'll finally be able to travel without using public transport or catching a lift with your parents. Plus a lot of jobs won't consider candidates who can't drive, so now you have a few options. You've probably been told about how nerve-wracking your driver's test will be.

Don't sweat it. If there was ever a time to keep your cool, it's at the licensing centre. A few bursts of Axe Ice Chill will lower your temperature by 6°C so you can focus on acing your test.

Take a Tour of Your Town

How well do you really know your town? Maybe you grew up there and know all the spots closest to you, but there could a ton of exciting places you don't know about: an arcade centre, an abandoned building to skate in, a store that sells rare secondhand comics. The possibilities are endless. You could find someone to drive you around, but where's the fun in that? Grab your bike, skateboard or sneakers and cycle, skate or walk around your neighbourhood. Just be sure to freshen up with an Axe body spray when you're done.

See you on the other side of your teens.