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10 Ways to Look Good Instantly

Every man wants to look his best. Whether he’s on the grind or out on the town, he needs to be at his finest and most confident self. But what defines looking good or cool? Is it in the way you dress, your vibe or even the perfect hair? We believe it comes down to a blend of a few things. If you’re wondering how to look cooler, more confident, stylish, or simply enhance your attraction factor, here are a few tips to get the All Day MM! Effect.

1) Do You

There’s no use in changing things up if it just isn’t you. Whatever you do, make sure it stays true to who you are. It’s time to find your signature style. Whether it’s a certain pair of sneakers, shades or even a cap, you need to find what is yours and embrace it. After all, there’s nothing better or more attractive than being yourself. This is hands down the best tip we can give you on any quest to look cooler.

2) Make It Pop

When it comes to colour, forget everything you heard about tones that match. 2020 threw that rule book out the window and it’s not coming back (at least for now). Choose colours that reflect your mood and don’t be afraid to go bold. If you like, try monochrome and spice things up with a colourful accessory.

3) Layer It On

Nothing adds more flair like layers. When done right, you’ll achieve a more stylish look. Why not invest in a few key pieces that will boost your wardrobe? Think coats, jackets and accessories. Start with a killer leather jacket, a vintage denim one and a formal blazer. These are great for stepping out in all seasons.

4) Add Some Sunnies

The right pair of shades can make anyone look cooler in five seconds flat. These don’t have to be designer, as long as they suit your face shape. Polarized and UV glasses help reduce glare and shield your eyes from harmful rays, so try and choose ones with these features to protect your eyes. Find a pair that are on-trend and watch as they transform any look from boring to fresh.

5) Stand Tall. Stand Out.

If you really want to look good, start by standing up straight. Great posture can make you appear more confident, which instantly ups your appeal. This will give you a strong presence that will help you stand out. It’s how you can ensure that you wear the clothes instead of letting them wear you.

6) It’s in the Jeans

A pair of well fitted jeans is our top pick for fashion staples worth investing in. If they suit you and are tailored well, it doesn’t matter what brand they are. Find the cut that was made for you and wear them with confidence.

7) Feel It in Your Sole

Your kicks are probably one of the most vital style components. What do yours say about you? Are they fun and funky, serious and suave, or laid back? No matter what you choose, make sure they’re clean and looking fresh at all times. Nobody likes a crusty shoe. Grab a shoe kit or better yet, some soapy water and a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease. While you’re at it, give them a spritz of shoe spray to soak up any unpleasant odours.

8) Choose Your Scent

Smelling good can definitely boost your overall appeal. It’s why the Axe range delivers the perfect scent you need to take your outfit to new heights. When you smell great, you’re destined to look great too. If you need some help finding your signature scent, take our Find Your Fragrance quiz now.

9) When in Doubt, Smile

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a smile. Keep it natural and sincere, and you’ll put those feel-good vibes out there. Let’s face it, the world could use a whole lot more of those right now. Plus, a smile can catch the attention of someone special with minimal effort. So, don’t forget to smile. You never know who might be watching.

10) Top It Off

Now that you’ve got the threads, shoes, shades, smell and expression, top it all off with some iconic head gear. Whether it’s a fedora, a flat cap or a five-panel classic, the right headwear can up any style game. Not only do they look cool, but they help you take care of your skin by protecting it from the sun.

So, how to look cooler, better, fresher? The right attitude and attire will make this task effortless. Let us know which of these tips you’ve put into practice?