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A guy with long hair


Fewer Deodorant Stains

Ace the black-on-black look.

Trends come and go, but the monochrome look will always be a style staple. From black-on-black suits, to leather jackets and patent boots, an all-black ensemble creates a silhouette that’s sleek and sophisticated. 

Heading out for the evening? Pull on a pair of tailored pants and polished shoes. Top it off with a black blazer and shirt to match.

The key to pulling it off? Keeping black clothes black. Here’s how help reduce white marks and ace the all-black look. 

  • Axe Forest Antiperspirant Stick


    Pick a stick. Axe Forest Antiperspirant Stick has anti-white mark technology. 

  • A slim guy with long hair


    Apply a thin layer of your antiperspirant stick to clean

  • spraying antiperspirant.a dryer to style his hair.