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How to Cuff Pants Tutorial

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How to Cuff Pants

How to show off your kicks.

When you're aiming for a sharp look, sagging pant cuffs just won't cut it. Rolled-up jeans or chinos create a cool silhouette and put your shoes or sneakers center stage. 

Cuffing your pants work best with jeans and chinos, espescially straight legged, slim or tapered fits. Done right, it's one those quick style tweaks that every guy should know. 

The best thing about a good pant cuff? They give a chance opportunity to show off your foot candy. Perfect if you're a sneakerhead or just happen to be rocking a dope pair of socks. 

Learn how to roll your jeans in our easy, step-by-step guide.

  • A guy in brightly colored trainers.


    Start with your pants uncuffed. Slim fit jeans or chinos work best. 

  • A guy in casual clothes in a locker room.


    Grab the inseam of your pants

  • Fold the seam in and grab the bottom of your jeans


  • where the fabric overlaps.


    Fold the seam in and grab the bottom of your jeans

  • A guy in brightly colored trainers