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Is it for you?

Is it oke for you guys...

To cry? To be skinny? To be the little spoon?

Guys are searching online what it means to be a man.




Young guys live in a world filled with labels and limits. In fact, over 70% of them have been told that a real man should behave a certain way. Pressure that ultimately makes bullying, depression and suicide so common among men.

#isitokforguys kicks off Lynx’s mission to expose the pressure guys feel to ‘be a man’ and empower them to be whoever they damn well want. Together with our partners, we want to fight those limitations and create a society where there is no wrong way to be a man. No labels. No limits on what men can or cannot be.

Help us inspire guys to be whoever they damn well want. Share your message, tweet or video on your social channel using#isitokforguys.